With telework becoming the new normal, living spaces are changing.

It’s official: more than 80% of Canadians feel good about teleworking and don’t want to go back to an office setting, according to a survey conducted earlier this year by Léger in collaboration with the Association for Canadian Studies. Homes have never been fuller!


If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past few years, it’s that more and more people have made teleworking a non-negotiable part of their daily routine. Increased productivity, reduced work-related anxiety, and better work-life balance are but a few of this new reality’s undeniable benefits, but that means we have to rethink our living spaces to get the most out of them.

That’s where architects and real estate developers come in (hey, that’s us!). In order to meet the practical needs of those living in new building projects popping up all over the place, it’s all about understanding the new realities in the working world.

“Past projects have shown that residents like to casually settle in the various common areas to work, even though they were not specifically designed for this function like the kitchen island, for example. It got us thinking more about how to design common workspaces to add a warmer, more informal vibe so that they can become an extension of one’s own home, as we did for the Mellem Ville-Marie project, in particular.”

Etienne, Director, Marketing & Rentals.

Since we love this winning formula, we’re constantly on the lookout for opportunities when designing our spaces. Working from home can take as many forms as there are words to describe it, such as remote work, teleworking, hybrid mode, or WFH (work from home). It’s important to understand them all so we can properly integrate them.

Imagine starting the day *a little* late because the bedroom blinds are so opaque that even the blazing summer sun didn’t manage to wake you up. You get coffee started while turning on our laptop on the kitchen counter, and the gentle sounds of email box notifications flood the kitchen… It may be 9:15, but your colleagues woke up on time.

After spending a productive morning in your "office" bathed in sunlight and enjoying a fresh lunch prepared just a few metres away, an important presentation is added to your schedule at the last minute. But there’s a snag: you’ve been cat-sitting for your neighbour and that feisty feline has had a tendency to meow non-stop since its owners dropped it off. Your phone in one hand to reserve a private room via the Mellem Portal and a nearly overflowing cup of coffee in the other, you take the elevator down to your second office, the Collaborative Space, without ever losing your high-speed internet connection.

A colleague who lives a few streets away showed up as well (that’s right, they also get access if you’re there!), the presentation wraps up and stress levels evaporate. Everything went smoothly. You decide to end your day by soaking up some rays at the Rooftop Greenspace on the building’s roof. In between calls to follow up on projects, you take a minute to send a photo of your Montreal view to all of your colleagues on Slack, just to show off a little bit. At 5:15 p.m., you shut off your computer and cocktail hour begins. Now that’s what we call a productive day!

Teleworking made simpler

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  • With the Collaborative Space on the ground floor next to the Café,

  • Your unit’s integrated office bathed in natural light,

  • The Foyer’s more intimate space,

  • Or the private rooms up for reservation, there’s no shortage of options.

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"When it came to Mellem Ville-Marie’s plans, our goal was for tenants not to feel like they were stuck in an office, but rather like they’re working at the local coffee shop. This friendlier approach was worked into the overall design alongside access to convenient and useful equipment and services. Diversified spaces are key, and users can enjoy more informal areas (benches, counters, chairs, etc.), each with built-in power outlets, as well as more functional spaces (private single-person rooms, a meeting room for small groups, and a fully equipped boardroom for eight people, all with high-speed internet!). Most units also feature an integrated office with lighting, a power outlet and grommets that declutters living areas."

Etienne, Director, Marketing & Rentals.

And yes, working "from home" in real estate projects that care about their tenants’ day-to-day needs also means having access to dedicated work spaces where you can feel at home, even outside your unit. We promise we won’t judge anyone who wants to enjoy the facilities in their pyjamas. Just remember to leave your camera off if a colleague calls!

Want to learn even more about all of Mellem Ville-Marie’s well-thought-out details? Right this way! And those who want in can plan a visit of their new home (and office) right here