Welcome to the age of the tenants

At Mellem, we’re reinventing the rental market to create spaces where people and the environment can flourish. And it shows in everything we do.

  • Community

    The love of enjoying life {together} is timeless

  • Architecture

    Meticulously {designed} and detailed spaces

  • Amenities

    An {all-inclusive} all right in the heart of your city

  • Sustainable development

    A down-to-earth {responsible} way of living

Exceptional projects. Exceptional tenants.

Discover residences that welcome you with a unique rental experience in Québec.

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Live in the heart of the city, in a complex that reflects your life. A place to grow fruit and vegetables, and share great books with friends. This is where everything is close to home.



Discover an urban oasis in the heart of a quiet neighbourhood, close to public transportation and surrounded by bicycle paths. It’s a place where everyone can take time for themselves in their own way.

Grace Dart
May 2025

Grace Dart


Living at Mellem Grace Dart means living the urban life of Sherbrooke Street to the fullest, in an environment that blends the charm of the former Grace Dart Hospital's heritage with the modernity of a new building.

Welcome to the age of the tenants

This is the era when everyone can blossom and create connections. In their own way, at their own pace. Where each space is in harmony with the environment, the common good and the community.

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