Manifesto for bringing back neighbourly chats and vacuum-sharing

Behind this title with big promises lies a genuine desire to create communities that relearn how to talk, share, and exchange. At Mellem, it's always been at the heart of our vision, and we'll explain why.


Whether in the city or the suburbs, the rush for property seems to encourage widespread individualism that almost makes us forget we have neighbours not far away—no matter the size of the plot. Yet, the need for connection in human beings is essential, so why deprive ourselves of it!

We were chatting about it with Urbania a few weeks ago because we're convinced we're not the only ones wanting to create inclusive environments in the heart of our big city. The community's response was clear: forging connections with immediate neighbours is both enjoyable AND practical.

"In communities where people feel they have a place and trust each other, neighbourhoods are safer, culture flourishes, and identities assert themselves."

- Adèle Royer, Urbania

Choosing to live in projects that reinvent rental on a human scale means having access to a ton of common spaces that promote connections, a sense of security, and the development of responsible behaviours. All without having to pay a penny more than your rent.

At Mellem Ville-Marie, opening its doors in February in the heart of a lively neighbourhood, opportunities abound on every floor. From the public space between the two buildings to the Rooftop Greenspace on the 5th floor, and the Coworking Space adjacent to the café, you won't be short of encounters with your neighbours for a simple "hello" or a real chat.

Fostering exchange on every floor

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  • The Coworking Space, next to the café, is the perfect place to make your neighbours your best telecommuting buddies.

  • The brand-new public square between the two buildings, a space just waiting to be embraced by the community.

  • The Rooftop Greenspace on the 5th floor is the perfect opportunity to meet neighbours during a 5-7 gardening session.

  • The Partage Club app, with a subscription offered to all occupants, promotes sharing and the exchange of goods among neighbours.

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Moreover, we decided to make meeting and exchanging opportunities even easier at Mellem Ville-Marie by offering all occupants an annual subscription to Partage Club!

The Partage Club app - created in Montreal - facilitates unlimited, secure, and positive lending of items between neighbours. By addressing environmental issues and reducing overconsumption, the app is a concrete response to the need for connection among neighbours. Plus, Partage Club promotes mutual aid and offers a tangible economic solution to the rising cost of living, providing users with unlimited access to goods without having to buy them.

Ambitions that resemble us - and bring us together.

If you feel like contributing alongside us to build dynamic communities that chat, now is the time to plan a visit right here.