Montreal, green desking capital: Mellem joins the trend!

Over the past few years, most of us have seen some profound changes to the way we work, including teleworking, coworking, nomadic working, and now...


Today, let’s talk about the latest trend that will no doubt become widespread at Mellem Ville-Marie. Green desking focuses on working outdoors and green spaces designed for this new reality. Studies have already shown several benefits of this practice, and of course, we’re 100% on board with it!

Those beautiful fall days inspire plenty of ideas for that office-away-from-office vibe in and around Mellem Ville-Marie.

Just because summer is officially over doesn’t mean we have to retreat indoors under a pile of blankets and pray for the next six months to quickly pass us by. This season’s gorgeous days are still an opportunity to sit out under an orange sun to check our emails while breathing in that crisp air.

That’s what green desking is all about: working outdoors, for a few minutes to a few hours, to reinvigorate your senses and mind. The benefits of working outdoors are well documented, with studies on its positive impacts, including increased happiness, reduced inflammation, more energy, improved memory and lower stress levels.

As we mentioned a few times through our socials, we designed Mellem Ville-Marie to make it an ideal place for teleworkers, whether indoors thanks to the Coworking Space or Foyer, but also outdoors with the Rooftop Greenspace and the new public square set up between both buildings, at the corner of Ontario and Montgomery. With spaces to set up, gather and talk, an internet connection and a green and inspiring environment, green desking options at Mellem will surely satisfy your curiosity.

Green desking at Mellem Ville-Marie

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  • From the tree-lined public square at the corner of Ontario and Montgomery, to the café’s terrace

  • To the Rooftop Greenspace and its garden to soak in the day’s last sun rays.

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Even better? If you feel like moving further away from your living space for optimal concentration and productivity, there’s no shortage of options in Montreal, the green desking capital of the world!

A ton of innovative initiatives related to this work option have been launched in recent years with companies at the forefront of the movement, such as Aire Commune and its Îlots d’été Network, which offers free outdoor workspaces throughout the summer. The facilities are specifically designed for outdoor teleworking and are strategically located across Montreal’s boroughs. This year, Montrealers will even be able to enjoy green desking all year long with Station Place Ville-Marie, an insulated and heated space in the heart of downtown.

Want to learn even more about all of Mellem Ville-Marie’s well-thought-out details? Right this way! And those who want in can plan a visit of their new home (and office) right here.