A rental office that connects with the community: a new kind of approach.

Thanks to Mellem Ville-Marie, say goodbye to rental offices that take over very scarce and valuable commercial space in communities where they are found, often to the detriment of businesses that bring people together.


Community is in our DNA, and that means we set up our rental office in an already thriving neighbourhood business, namely Sino (which is also its owner’s name!), an urban art gallery and boutique that welcomes us to its space. It’s the perfect way to settle temporarily in the heart of the neighbourhood life we love so much.

“We wanted to revamp a portion of our space, and the idea of allowing the Mellem Ville-Marie team to settle there temporarily came at the right time! We’re pleased to meet the future tenants before they move in and have a front-row seat to the transformation o this stretch of Ontario Street, which was in dire need of it. People who visit our rental office are curious and ask questions about our products, and vice versa. It’s a nice, somewhat unexpected partnership that benefits everyone!”

- Sino, gallery boutique owner.

We very much looked forward to sharing our rental office with this pillar of the community that boasts more than 30 years of expertise in graffiti and urban art, a practice that actively contributes to Montréal’s reputation through mythical murals that adorn our street corners and attract crowds. And in addition to our space, we take great pleasure in promoting the artists who exhibit on the gallery’s walls by providing financial support for exhibitions all summer long. It’s a must-see dose of culture, whether you’re interested in Mellem or not!

As you already know, we’re all about keeping things local. Between our space design by homegrown business lg2, along with furniture by De Gaspé and MDT Mobilier, our rental office is also an opportunity for us to remind people of the importance of partnering with local businesses—a core value of all our projects.

Inspiring space

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  • Let’s meet in our private booth for a quiet chat.

  • An opportunity to discover the materials used in upcoming units.

  • And have a front-row seat to the construction site.

  • Meet Mélanie, our rental consultant.

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“When you walk into the rental office, you’ll get a deeper feel of the friendly and inspiring vibe of the Mellem Ville-Marie project right across the street. It’s the perfect place to discover the materials that will make your unit shine, ask all the questions you may have and watch the work site unfold through the window!”

- Mélanie, rental consultant

This is the perfect place to reinforce our commitment to creating responsible living spaces that care for our planet (you can read our manifesto right here). In the real estate industry, rental offices are often single-purpose work site prefabs that generate a lot construction waste once they’re obsolete. Needless to say, we quickly jumped at the opportunity to go about things differently! That’s our style, after all.

At our rental office, the existing space was simply revamped with beautiful functional and temporary furniture (and some paint here and there), which will be reused in the future Mellem Ville-Marie project’s shared areas. As they say: nothing is lost, everything changes.

Want to get a glimpse of your future day-to-day at Mellem Ville-Marie? Come visit us!