Welcome to the age of the tenants

A 2-minute love song to leasing, in the form of a musical manifesto (à la Pierre Lapointe, but Pierre Lapointe didn’t write it).


Our home is your home, so we may as well lay some solid groundwork for our future together. In the wide world of leasing, we’re non-traditionalists who firmly believe that a compassionate, people-first approach is the future of our urban areas.

Ready to hear about the age of the tenant? Cue the music.

“A time when spaces are designed. With people in mind. Constantly refined. But never contrived. So humans thrive. And communities come alive. No need to buy. Or even DIY.”

Catchy, right? If it were up to us, we’d be singing that first verse non-stop. As any city dweller can attest, it’s easy to end up feeling a little lost in the throng when you live in an urban area.

That’s why we’ve decided to go against the current, creating vibrant communities that put the human experience first. After all, it’s a lot nicer to live next door to people who are fun to talk to, right?

“A time when things that look good also do good. For you. For us. For our planet.”

“A time when owning the here and now Is more important than owning where it happens. Because not owning the space Gives you more space to savour this moment. And all the others to follow.”

Yep, renting is in. The list of arguments in favour of leasing gets longer every year, proving the validity of our vision: That consciously choosing flexible living as a tenant is no longer just a fallback for buying your first home.

By the way, we’ve curated a shortlist of reasons you’d rather rent so you can fend off Aunt Fannie at the next family gathering. We’re pretty sure she’ll get the message and be begging to come over for a cocktail on the rooftop terrace at Mellem Ville-Marie!

“Welcome to a more civilized time. Where anyone can live their best life. Whether you’re young in years or young at heart. Married with kids, single or ‘it’s complicated.’ Because you still can’t buy happiness But now you can rent it.”

So...ready to enter the age of the tenant with us? We’ve heard the units at Mellem Ville-Marie are going fast. Click here to learn more.